Things to Do

Trees of Mystery.  The oldest and largest visitor attraction in Del Norte County, the Trees of Mystery has a new Sky Trail gondola ride that takes you up above the canopy of the redwoods.  From the top, you can see the forest and the ocean stretching to the horizon.  Glorious!

Tour Through Tree.  Yes, you really can drive your car through a tree.  Right here in Klamath.

Klamath River Jet Boats.  We've never had a guest return from a jet boat ride disappointed.  It is a fun-filled tour of some incredible, roadless country upriver.  Most tours see lots of wildlife. 

Lighthouses.  Nearby Crescent City has not one but two amazing lighthouses.  Battery Point Lighthouse, a quaint Victorian structure, is the focal point of the city, located on a prominent rock jutting into the sea. The St. George Reef Lighthouse is built on a reef six miles offshore. It's visible from Crescent City on clear days, looking like the Statue of Liberty in the distance.  

Salmon Festival.  If you enjoy small-town festivals, mark your calendar for Klamath's Salmon Festival in August. Hosted by the Yurok Tribe, Salmon Festival is a celebration of the wild salmon that is the center of Yurok culture. Elders of the tribe cook salmon on traditional redwood sticks around a smoky fire.  People line up for a block to get a plate of this delicacy. 


Places to See

The mouth of the mighty Klamath River.  When this giant meets the sea, you'll see dramatic waves and wildlife.  The estuary of the Klamath is a feeding ground for river otters, huge sea lions, harbor seals, osprey, eagles, pelicans, and the occasional Great White shark.  Coyotes, grey foxes, black bears and mountain lions are some of the predators you may glimpse along the banks of the river. Trailheads for the Pacific Coastal Trail are easily accessed from either side of the river.

Coastal Drive.  This scenic drive winds along dramatic bluffs overlooking the Pacific ocean and ends in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.

Newton B. Drury Parkway.  The main road that runs through Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is old Highway 101, running smack dab through one of the most pristine and dramatic old-growth redwood forests alive today.  Park your car and walk into the forest for an experience you won't ever forget.

Big Tree.  It's 1500 years old and an excellent specimen of sequoia sempervirons, the coast redwood, tallest living creature on earth.

California Redwoods Birding Trail. Del Norte County is one of the best locations in California for birdwatching. Birders on the wild redwood coast have recorded more species of birds (421 as of 2007) than eighteen states and nine Canadian territories and provinces. (For more information, you can download a brochure at: See the section on California Redwoods.)

Wilson Beach.  Highway 101 goes right by this dramatic beach with easy access and plenty of parking for a quick stroll on the beach.

Hidden Beach.  If you're willing to walk half a mile, you can have this picturesque beach, with dramatic sea stacks, pretty much to yourself.

It's All Here

If you're looking for stunning natural beauty, incredibly clean air, quiet nights and relaxing days, Klamath should be your destination.  Driving 15 minutes or less, you can see some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. 

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